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Video Conversion

Other media conversions

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App Features

Key features of Movavi Video Convertor.

Multiple Media

Convert movies, music, photos into multiple available formats

Optional Compression

Reduce video size without loss of quality.

Add subtitles

Search the web for subtitles to add to your movies.


Tweak colours, cut and trim, add effects.

Multiple Files

Merge multiple media files into a single file.


Drag-and-drop your media files onto Movavi


With SuperSpeed activated, the fastest video convertor!.

Audio file options

Extract audio from movie files.

Image conversion

Drag and drop images and convert to any format.

four USPs

Four key features that set this App apart:.

testers musings

Highlights from the testing of Movavi.


  • Blistering conversion
  • No time for coffee!


  • No choice of mode
  • Fixed to Dark Mode


  • Not really needed
  • But prompt when tried

App Screenshots

These screenshots illustrate some of the pages on a Mac.

How we test

It's more than just copying the developer's press kit!.


  • Only test if usable here
  • Aim for real-world review
  • Use for several weeks


  • Install based on supplied instructions
  • Choose a range of features to explore
  • Use features for real


  • Use daily for several weeks
  • Mark it down if Support needed
  • Grab screenshots from actual use

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