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iPhone camera enhancements

Everything you need to take better pictures

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App Features

Key features of ProCamera.


Stabilise for sharpest pix


Start from phone or watch

Apple Watch

App for settings/shutter trigger

Full screen trigger

Fire shutter tapping anywhere

Low Light

Capture during darkness

Burst Mode

Continuous capture in full resolution

Upgrade Features

Key features of ProCamera UP.

More lenses

Anamorphic lens support

More RAW

Exposure bracketing for RAW

Private Storage

Secure Lightbox for privacy

Filter sets

San Fran and Food


Auto perspective correction


Create and store custom presets


Low light support

Raw Option

Capture raw sensor data

Rapid fire

Continuous shooting in full resolution

four USPs

Four key features that set this App apart:.

testers musings

Highlights from the testing of ProCamera.


  • Tested on iPhone 15 Pro Max
  • and Apple Watch Ultra 2


  • The complete camera tool
  • Total photography flexibility


  • Not really needed
  • But prompt when tried

App Screenshots

These screenshots illustrate some of the iPhone and Apple Watch pages.

How we test

It's more than just copying the developer's press kit!.


  • Only test if usable here
  • Aim for real-world review
  • Use for several weeks


  • Install based on supplied instructions
  • Choose a range of features to explore
  • Use features for real


  • Use daily for several weeks
  • Mark it down if Support needed
  • Grab screenshots from actual use

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