So much more than a very accurate speedo!

I originally bought this because my boat did not come with a speedometer (and the River Thames has a strict speed limit), but it has so many uses it is a Star!Star!Star!Star!Star! must-buy!
Whacky uses include settling arguments about how fast your train/cruise ship/coach/fellow ramber is going. Get it now!

Speedometer features

Cool feature #1

Accurate speed reading in mph, kph or knots.

Cool feature #2

Set speed limits for over-speed warnings (display changes from green to red).

Cool feature #3

'Black Box' retains last 20 minutes speed, location and altitude (yes, it does that as well).

Cool feature #4

HUD (Head Up dispaly) option to view reflection on windscreen.

Cool feature #5

Includes professional grade taximeter if you are for hire.

Cool feature #6

Sunrise and sunset times for where you are or were you are going.


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