Easy and intuitive mind mapping

Mind Mapping has always had a place with the creative or entrepreneurial thinker - many offices sport an ongoing map on a whiteboard. Creating a mind map using mouse and keyboard has long been an option for desktop users; and, whilst that is still the case with SimpleMind (versions for Mac and Windows), the killer for mind mapping is the iPad!. This is a Star!Star!Star!Star!Star! must-buy!

SimpleMind features

Cool feature #1

The iPad version is just so simple, easy and intuitive to use; even the newcomer to mind mapping may well find the on-line help unnecessary...

Cool feature #2

The full (pro) version includes every conceivable option for creating, amending and enhancing mind maps (but the free version is a great way to start) .

Cool feature #3

Use hot links to create mind maps that extend well beyond any screen size.

Cool feature #4

Maps can be viewed, created or modified even on an iPhone screen (especially an iPhone 6).

Cool feature #5

Versions for Android and Windows from their respective App Stores (but these not tested).


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