Use GoodNotes to capture notes/drawings or annotate PDFs

This works well using yotu finger as a stylus, but, for stunning results, use the Jot stylus. As well as capturing drawings you can use GoodNotes to annotate or highlight any PDF. This is a Star!Star!Star!Star!Star! must-buy!

GoodNotes features

Cool feature #1

Works well and syncs seamlessly across your all your iDevices (need iOS 8). Easier to draw on iPad but then syncs to iPhone or iPod.

Cool feature #2

Option to force 'proper' geometric shapes (circle, traingle, elipse etc) - see screenshot; great if you poor at drawing.

Cool feature #3

Multiple 'pen', highlight and colour options for complex drawings and notes.

Cool feature #4

Handwrite or type text notes. Use finger or stylus (see screenshot).

Cool feature #5

Multiple 'paper' choices for backgrounds (lined, squares etc).


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