Podcast player for iDevices and Mac

Apple's podcast player lacks a lot of desirable features (and has some annoying bugs); Downcast seems to have been written by someine who understands how podcasts are used. This is a Star!Star!Star!Star!Star! must-buy!

Downcast features

Cool feature #1

Syncs subscriptions, downloads, and settings replica watches uk seamlessly across your Mac (needs Yosemite) and all your iDevices (need iOS 8). Using CloudKit (an internal iCloud Drive) everything happens in the background.

Cool feature #2

Create (and sync) playlists.

Cool feature #3

Syncing across multiple devices (including Macs) does not need iTunes.

Cool feature #4

Search and subscribe automatically or manually (by URL).

Cool feature #5

Versions for Android and Windows from their respective App Stores (but these not tested).


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