Use BusyCal for an easier calendar experience!

This is the sort of app that defies an easy rationale for its use but becomes a 'must-have' after just a few days of use on a Mac. it is just replica watches so much easier and quicker to use than the default Mac calendar app...

The lack of swiss replica watches a companion iOS version of BusyCal is the only negative and makes this a four rather than a five star recommendation: still a Star!Star!Star!Star! must-buy!

BusyCal features

Cool feature #1

Direct replacement for default Mac calendar app (iCal).

Cool feature #2

Syncs with iCloud, Exchange, Google calendar and other CalDAV servers (note: can sync any combination of these).

Cool feature #3

Shows local weather for next ten days (see screenshot).

Cool feature #4

Syncs events and/or todos with any iDevice (using iCloud).

Cool feature #5

Create new events replica watches uk using natural language (eg: lunch tomorrow with Peter at mid-day).


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